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Nov 10, 2023

Citrix ICA file missing some parameters

i have a citrix enviroment setup. to access the citrix enviroment i have 2 options Option 1 is via the Citrix Netscaler and Option 2 is via F5 APM.  both options are working. the only issue is that when i download the ICA file from the F5 and launch it the "display" name of the app is not 100% correct. it displays the server name with some addeded characters. but when i download the ICA from Citrix netscaler  and launch it the display name is correct. 

looking a little bit deeper, i can see some diferences between the 2 ICA files ( netscaler and F5). the thing that stands out is that the F5 ICA file is missing a  line "Title=servername" 

if i manually add this line to the F5 ICA after i download it, and put my desired server name, it diaplays  the correct name.  i have looked at the citrix delivery controller but nothing stands out regarding this nameing thing. if anyone has any ideas please let me know. 


im using F5 version 13.1

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  • You could try to add this to the 'Custom Parameters' section of the 'Remote Desktop' configuration. You can add additional config into this session.

    You can add a static parameter:


    or do something with session variables:



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      this is intresting.  i have just tried the asession variable and yes i can see it does change the name of the session, but it changes it to my URL. For my scenario when a user logs in they are presented with 3 citrix  icons on the webtop and all 3 icons go to diffrent servers.  i would like title to be changed to the server hostname or server name that apears on the webtop. ive tried to look at some variable below but i cant see any that help me with that. is there any other resource i can use.