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Sep 11, 2013

Change persistence from Cookies to Source_Address

I am totally new to iRules. And I have a requirement to change the persistence for few VIPs to source_address from the current persistence slected which is cookies. I tries to change the presistence from the properties of the VIP but since the persistence is influenced by iRule, so I have backout.


Now I am looking for a complte iRule, which I can simply paste ther and it should take effect with respect to Persistence only.


Can anyone help me on this.


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  • From my perspective it´s not possible to apply an additional iRule to overrule the decission matrix in your existing iRule. Very likely changes to your current iRule need to be done as well.


    That´s why it would probably be the easier approach to create a copy of your current iRule, strip off the persistency related functions and to apply it to the relevant virtual servers along with a source IP persistence profile.