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Mar 07, 2024

Can't create virtual-server with port-list

Hello team
I'm trying to create a VIP with the port list, but i got an error message: "Declaration failed: Invalid Virtual Address, the IP address x.x.x.x already exists."

The device has no configuration at the moment.

Trying to understand what's going on, maybe somebody has the same issue?


  "class": "AS3",
  "action": "deploy",
  "persist": true,
  "declaration": {
    "class": "ADC",
    "id": "id",
    "label": "label",
    "remark": "Applications",
    "tenant1": {
      "class": "Tenant",
      "app1": {
        "class": "Application",
        "vip_X.X.X.X": {
          "class": "Service_Address",
          "virtualAddress": "X.X.X.X",
          "routeAdvertisement": "enable"
        "svc1": {
          "class": "Service_TCP",
          "virtualAddresses": [{"use": "vip_X.X.X.X"}],
          "virtualPort": {
            "use": "port_list1"
          "virtualType": "standard",
        "port1": {
            "class": "Net_Port_List",
            "ports": [port_list],

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