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May 19, 2011

can i create unique cookie names

We have a legacy web application that consists of 2 to * web servers being in play at each time. Each web server has its own DB on it. so, when 2 web servers are in play BigIP assigns user1 to server1 and the cookie is created. Server2 has no idea that user1 exists. User2 gets assigned to server2 (for simplicity sake in the example) and server1 has no idea user2 exists. This works great in production, but not with our load testing tool. Since all the cookies are in 1 shared directory with I.E. we end up getting errors in our load tests because the user1 browser ends up reading user2's cookie, which sends user1 to server2 and server2 has no idea who user1 is, so the transaction dies.



Is there a way to have BigIP create unique cookie names per user? I think this will solve my load testing problem as each browser should read the 1 cookie it is looking for if the names are unique.



I'm fairly new to this, so please forgive me if I'm leaving out any information that is needed to answer my question.

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  • Hi David,



    Does each "user" come from a separate IP? If so, you could try changing from cookie insert persistence to source address persistence. Else, some trickery with cookie names could work.



    Source address persistence would be simpler if it's an option though. If not, can you explain the scenario further?



    Are you/do you need to persist client to web as well as web to app requests? Do you have a OneConnect profile on the virtual server?



  • each user comes from the same IP. We have 5 load generator servers, each a physical box, so at most we have users coming from 5 different IP addresses. However, every "user" on each load server will have the same IP.



    I don't think we need to persist client to web or web to app requests as the database on each web server tracks the activities of each user, but maybe I'm misunderstanding the question.



    The load testing tool is built into the browser (Internet Explorer). The tool opens a real browser for each user. So, when there are 50 instances of I.E. running on 1 machine, they are all reading from the same cache pool. If I can find a way to create the unique cookie names, it would only take an hour or so to throw a load test together and test it out.