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  • If you hav not already done: Best is to open a ticket and ask to attach it to this bug id and inform your partner manager.

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    Hi Oleksandr,

    Did you get an answer on this? The Bug document only mentions 15.1.x releases as affected. Unsure if this is accurate, but could mean it's not an issue in v16?

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      Hi AP,

      Interesting question. When I asked if this bug would be fixed in a newer version, a TAC engineer said that it would definitely be fixed, however BugIDs are managed by the F5 Product Development top management and unfortunatelly they do not share any detail regarding the schedule. 

      As a workaround, the implementation of  Layered virtual server solution was proposed. (

      If you will have a proper answer to your question, please share it also with me.

      Thank you in advance,


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        No, I don't have any new information. It's a bit vague in the documentation, however I agree that it sounds  like it won't be an issue in v16.