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Jul 11, 2012

Browsers and profile SSL Client





I'm doing a lab. Simulating a lab using SSL client certificate.




I had already did this lab some times, but its the first time that I test with diferrent browsers




I am simulating the lab page 6.6 of the LTM Essentials . Lab SSL Client.




However by the time I made testing different browsers and found different results.




For IE, VS works and opened the page 100% ok


By firefox but opened the page did not load images.


And the Google Chrome did not open the page.




Using only the client SSL profile, with 10.1 version LTM Trial




Is there any known incompatibility with browsers? and the version?






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  • It may be that the version of the browsers you are testing with are out of date. This can have two consequences...



    1. The browser only supports SSL ciphers that LTM by default will not use.


    2. The browser does not support secure SSL renegotiation, which LTM by default will require.



    Try using the "clientssl-insecure-compatible" client SSL profile and see if this resolves your issue.



    I'm running v11.2 and I'm not sure when they added the insecure-compatible profiles, or if they were always there. If you don't have it...


    1. Create a new client SSL profile with "clientssl" as the parent.


    2. Check the custom checkbox next to "Ciphers" and provide value of "!SSLv2:ALL:!DH:!ADH:!EDH:@SPEED"


    3. Check the custom checkbox next to "Secure Renegotiation" and provide value of "Request"


    4. Save this profile and apply it to your VS in place of the "clientssl" selection for "SSL Profile (Client)"



    Hope this helps,