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Dec 02, 2011

Biztalk server needs to call multiple App Servers -- How?

Biztalk is using Webservice calls to an Application Server. The application server does not have enough horsepower to handle the load so we would like to set up a Pool of servers that could be called by the Biztalk machine. Is there a way to separate out the traffic that is coming from one ip address machine and have it load balanced across several servers either with an iRule or by something that is native to the BigIP (hash)???


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    Yes there is a way, you would need to use ONE-CONNECT. After every request , or whenever you are ready to switch, you execute LB::detach in the irule on the server response side. This will cause an LB decision to be made at the next request.



    No need for a hash. If you want to hash, you can.



    what would you like to hash on?



  • just in case you have not yet seen this.



    sol7208: Overview of the OneConnect profile




    also, Spark has posted pretty pretty good explanation about oneconnect and L7 request in the discussion topic below.



    OneConnect and Persistence for HTTP App




    hope this helps.