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Jan 11, 2012

BIGIP 1600 performance question

Hi all,


We have bigip 1600 with 5 partitions which will be used by 24000 exhange clients and the same with Lync clients. Now there is about 4 - 5 000 sessions and 15 Mbit/s throughput.


We will terminate SSL connections for Exchange part on LB. §


Will be so much of load problem for this device, when SSL termination is done there?


Or even without SSL termination?



Thanks for your opinion,




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    While it's impossible to state with 100% certainty what load will be generated and as such whether or not you'll run into the limitations of a given box when talking about traffic, due to the completely variable nature of one deployment vs. the next, that doesn't sound like much of a load for a 1600. 15Mbit/s isn't anything to worry about, certainly. When you say 4-5k sessions, do you mean concurrent connections, requests per second, something else? What value are you measuring here.



    We can't really state sizing info with 100% certainty without doing actual tests against real traffic on a real box, but that doesn't sound like anything that I'd worry about.



  • Hi,


    I though active connections. In Overview/performance I see graph with active connections and peaks are about 4-5k. But its current situation, F5 is boring.



    But I am just asking if it will be OK, when there will be newly 24000 Exchange and Lync clients and F5 will terminate SSL traffic...sounds quite a much work for 1600. What do you think?


  • After migration I will answer to me by myself;-)



    Almost all of 25k exchange/Lync clients are using new environment through F5, it makes about 40k sessions through F5 more then before, SSL is not terminated on F5 and CPU load of F5 is about 10-15%.



    So, yep, BIGIP 1600 handles this quite well:-)