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Nov 05, 2020

Big IP virtual edition hardware specification



i am running big ip VE 12.1.3, i found hardware specs on, but i don't know if there is a maximum specs for a vm?

I use 8vcpu/16Gb RAM and i have some latence, could I use 16vcpu/32Gb RAM?


best regards


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  • Hello Nicolas.


    These are the only options you have for deplying VM:


    Cores - Memory

    1 - 2 Gb

    2 - 4 Gb

    4 - 8 Gb

    8 - 16 Gb


    If you assign more cores after that, those cores will be used only for management (control-plane), not for traffic (data-plane).


    Your options are:

    • Split your single VM into several instances.
    • Analyze carefully if your performance issues come for a cpu/memory limitation.
    • Move to a physical instance.




  • Hello Nicolas,


    I just want to add, that though there is restriction and maximum you can set is 8 Cores, this is based on throughput licensing. But if that is not enough for you, you can switch to High-Performace licensing, where there is no throughput limitation and licensing is done solely by vCPU cores. Then you can assign maximum of 24 cores to your VE appliance.


    // Giorgi

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    Hello Dario & Giorgi,


    thanks for your answers.


    best regards,