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Dec 16, 2021

Big IP APM customized logon background image not loading and language from right to left

We are using Big IP version BIG-IP 15.1.3 Build 0.0.11 Final and have succesfully integrated Horizon with Big IP APM. The only thing we are trying to accomplish is to change the background image to a locally stored image on the F5 APM and currently is not loading.

i crate Mordan access policy and  in the Customization Advanced- user-common.css i put this code:

.apmui-main { background-image: url(/Common/PoolBanner.png;}

but the image not loading 




Second thing is it possible to align the caption of the language from right to left such as in Hebrew or Arabic

Please help

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  • Hello, to use an image you will need to import it into Profiles > Customization (General) > Branding > [ your access profile tree ]

    then copy and paste the full value for the path of the locally stored image into your CSS, you already have correct syntax just fix the path.


    This will be one sample value



    For text alignment, you should have the option to do so with CSS using direction:rtl , try:


    body {direction:rtl;}