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Sep 26, 2022

BIG-IP AFM DoS Device Protection source IPs logged?

Are the source IPs of a DoS attack logged on the F5 anywhere?

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  • Vector: TCP bad ACK flood
    Trigger: Volumetric, Aggregated across all SrcIP's, Device-Wide attack, metric:PPS
    Mitigation: Blocked

    We see this but would the source IPs have been logged?
    The KB shows IPs in a packtet capture during a DoS but I assume that is not turned on by default.
  • Logging on a DoS firewall needs to be carefully dialed in. If we were to turn on source logging by default, a 3DoS could fill a BIG-IP disk in minutes, or even seconds, depending on the attack. Unfortunately, the answer to your question is 'No,' however.. I would highly encourage you to get a dedicated physical link on your F5 - as big as you can get it.. maybe 2 ports per box, aggregated - for logging, if you want to do DoS logging.   Then, you need to set up a logging profile:

    That should be enough to point you in the right direction.