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May 31, 2023

BGP stops advertising after upgrade

Hello ,  we have an LTM VE in  a HA cluster . We have defined a couple of route domain (RD) and have enabled BGP/BFD for these route domains . There is a BGP routing configuration present (imish -r...
  • Hi werner_verheyle , 

    First you should take this TMOS Version v14.1.5.2 and open F5 Bug tracker web site and see all of it's Bugs , maybe you will find bug related to BGP or BFDs or Advertising routes. 

    Look at this : 
    I got it from Bug tracker , it's a bug related to V14.1.5.2. 

    > the other thing , you have to raise a case with F5 support , you may get hotfix to cover this issue.