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Jun 28, 2023

ASM Policy


Uri    /abt/color/blue/*

So the  /abt/color/blue/  will always be the same.             

When I do the wild card, will it match something below.  I have a back slash and additional wildcards.

For example:  add /abt/color/blue/*/* 

 I would like for the wildcard example /abt/color/blue/*  and it would match below.  

example:    /abt/color/blue/nevertheasme/neverthesamesdsdsds               


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  • Hi Brandon, I think this regex will work for what you're trying to do:


    This should match /abt/color/blue and /abt/color/blue/ and /abt/color/blue/and/red/and/whatever but not /abt/color/blueandredandwatever.

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      Wait, since when does ASM support regex for URLs? Last I checked it was limited to a basic wildcard syntax.

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        Good call gersbah, in looking into the ASM-specific support for URL, regex is indeed not supported.

        Brandon I removed my answer as a solution. That said, you might investigate using an iRule (shown below) or a local traffic policy to do the could inspect the URL in the HTTP_REQUEST event and check your URL with regex, or simplify to just test your URL string with something like:


        if { ( [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] eq "/abt/color/blue" ) || 
             ( [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] starts_with "/abt/color/blue/" ) } {
                # do allowed stuff here...
        else { # take corrective action here, like raise an ASM violation }


        Note that if you have other approved URLs with starting patterns, you'd need to handle that logic as well, this is specific to this use case.