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Sep 15, 2020

ASM | Reporting - Behaviourial DoS

HI All,


Is their an option to export the report based on Attack-ID detected & mitigated by the B-DoS solution with timestamp of the attack?

currenly was only sucessful to export the reports for last day, week, month - this is not very useful as only the Attack ID's are mentioned without any time stamps


The required info is availble on the dashboard but the ability to export is not present.


Any Ideas on how to achieve this?


Regards !!

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  • Yes, you can create a DoS logging profile and send the data via syslog to a remote logging destination. That should give you what you're after.

  • Thanks Erik.


    But that way there is a dependency on the SIEM or the remote logging solution.


    Can we not do it via our UI? Or if we want to schedule a report with these parameters?


    Asking this as we do have an option to export just that the timestamp is missing and the report then doesn’t make sense.


    Do you think we need a feature enhancement request for this?



  • Unfortunately not through the UI. Feature enhancement request is probably the way to go.