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Feb 15, 2017

APM version 12 (12.1.1) Session Variables

Im having trouble finding some detailed documentation about session variables pertaining to version 12.


Example for version 10:


Closest thing I have found for version 12.1.1:


Specifically, what I would like to know more about are the AV checks and the various session variables and their detailed explanations of what each variable is used for and their possible return values.


Has anyone ever come across a document for this type of thing?


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  • Does anyone have any thoughts on this subject? I just ran into another example of where this wouldve been handy to have. I ended up seeing a return value of 4, which I have no idea what that means but I would love to look it up.




    May 12 09:50:17 info apmd[7569]: 01490004:6: /Common/:Common:d8a78479: Executed agent '/Common/-login_process_1_1_act_radius_auth_2_ag', return value 4