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Apr 09, 2012

APM v11 customization help

‎We currently have our web servers publish the front page of our application. We would like to take this page and host it on the APM and use its SSO functionality down the road. we are new to APM and this is the first time we are attempting this.. In v10, I believe all we ‎had to do was copy the html, css and image files into the appliance logon page directory. In v11, its WAY different and not ‎much documentation out there..‎ anyone have a clue on how to do this or can point me to some documentation? The new Customization tab isn't very intuitive.. Thanks..

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  • I am having the same issue. I would like to be able to customize the page to company standard however the documentation does not applicable to v11.
  • i am having the same issue. did you guys even got it working? i figured out how to replace the logon page content but can not figure out how to put in css file and images. it seems like even i put the custom files in the right directory, APM still does not display the images (security ?)
  • For me the same problem.


    An external Logon page does not have the same possibilities than the logon page served by the APM.


    But for having the chance to do a flexible design of your Logon Page, actually it seems there is no way to have an internal logon page, but an external one has to be used.


    What I do not understand: Why can the "Hosted Content" Function not be used at this APM layer? The external Logon page could then be used with self-made uploaded files (html/css/etc) and the APM can do whatever is necessary to be done with the Access Policy...


    Did someone already open a case for this topic?