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Aug 04, 2011

APM Logo page customization




Trying to customize the logon page the the APM displays. This is for an OWA connection.


Is the only place you can customize the page on the F5 GUI under Access Policy ›› Access Profiles : Access Profiles List ›› Profile > Customize lookup.



Or is there an html file that i can edit?



I want to display an image in the header and get it centre allingned with the logon fields below. Just can't seem to get any image to be alligned in the centre of the page.





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    Does this help?







  • A little bit.... I just need to be able to center the whole logon page.



    I tried to edit the HTML and putting 'center' at the top (in html <>) but it didn't work. Those instrucutions are for something different to what i'm trying to do.



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    Hi Luca,



    I'm trying to do the same thing. Did you ever figure out how?





  • I would create a ticket with support from each of you. They will need to release a guide on how to edit everything on the logon page. As it stands, it's lacking.



    Unfortunately, I'm tied up and haven't had as much time documenting things for DevCentral as I would like.
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    During an F5 visit yesterday we got this figured out. If you go to Access Policy | Customization, then go to your policy | Common | - we replaced the HTML table at the very end with the following:



  • Hi guys,


    Our company has an logon page and I tried to customize it on apm.Our logon page includes username, password and dropdown boxes.We are using the dropdown function to provide users select its own domain without manually type it the username section.Can I create a dropdown box to provide my goal.?


    Thank you.