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Apr 12, 2023

APM App Tunnel solution for SSH access by multi users


We're trying to seek a way to setup APM App Tunnel for SSH access by multi users(windows or linux) using authentication keys.

We've already checked it works with a single user(windows user) and authentication key. 

As the plan for production setup, we need to set the same APM App tunnel for SSH access but the SSH will be accessed from multi users using their login IDs and authentication keys.

I guess Parameters on App Tunnel setup would be the part where can make it work possibly but not sure.

Can anyone have any idea to make this work?

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  • You can think of app-tunnel like a mini one-tcp-port VPN.

    The client side (the end user's PC side of the tunnel) connects to a loopback IP, so it must have privileges to create that socket listener in the operating system. The client side components will replace the special keywords %HOST% and %PORT% with the actual client-side (loopback) host and port that are selected as the tunnel is created.

    The server side (the APM side of the tunnel) connects to whatever is defined in the APM resource, which can include the logged-in user's session variables. You can populate session variables with any data you like during session creation. How do you want to keep track of the individual user's app tunnel targets in your environment?