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Apr 27, 2021

ansible bigip_device_info asm virtual servers empty

I am using ansible bigip_device_info to gather facts for asm using subset "asm-policies", when ran , i see virtual_servers entry is EMPTY, where as when o login to f5 webui i do see a virtual server attached to the ASM policy. Anyone had this issue before ?


        "protocol_independent": "yes",

        "signature_staging": "yes",

        "trigger_asm_irule_event": "disabled",

        "trust_xff": "no",

        "type": "security",

        "use_dynamic_session_id_in_url": "no",

        "virtual_servers": [] ----------------------------------------> i get empty value.

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  • Hi Vish,


    Can you post what version of TMOS you're running on? And any chance that the ASM policies are attached using non-standard LTP policies, rather than via the Security tab? (I've noticed that this can mess with the link between ASM policy and its virtual servers)