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Aug 19, 2011

adding vips for server on two different data centers

can we add two vips for single url


say the application server is running in new york with 3 members and in london data center 3 members,


i need to create virtual server so can we add these into single virtual server or each virtual server on each data center ? then we will have two vips if add on each site so how come the url uses two vips and how the data will be routed if we have two vips ?


application urls say

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  • Hello Ranjan,



    Would you mind telling us a little more about the way you have your infrastructure setup? Are you using GTM and LTM?



    We use GTM and I use two different VIP's for our URL's and I also have another VIP setup as a last resort pool which is located in a remote data center that we use for disaster recovery.