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Feb 21, 2017

Add UPN to existing policy

I have an existing access policy - login page ---- ad auth --- sso. I need to add userprincipalname as a username option.   Do I add ad query before ad auth or add a branch rule to the login pa...
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    Jul 21, 2022


    As Stanislas_Piro2 has pointed out in several threads...

    - Add LDAP/AD query to get samAccountName
    - Added a Variable Assign session.logon.last.username = expr { "[mcget {session.ldap.last.attr.sAMAccountName}]" }
    (I've never been able to get SSO-Credential Mapping to change the username to sAMAccountName)

    From here APM will work with the samAccountName,  just do AD Auth whatever else you need.

    Then I need to change the username back to UPN for the application.