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  • You can achive this by using an iRule event in the VPE.

    You insert an iRule Event agent at the right place in your logic in VPE and then in the iRule attached to the VS you have access to the different session variables where you can measure and rewrite.


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      We already configured session on irule event on vs and we set attribute on pve but when access vpn we did not get  OTP notification, we already check attribute name and match on active directory, on report log is able to see the session attribute succes send otp or not?

      if we running debug on f5, the event procces can see to make sure the step on it


  • I would start to log the relevant variables in the iRule when logging on to get there content.

    Then I would run a tcpdump on the unit to see if it tries to send anything out and to where, with what.

    Also, have you configured a SMTP relay (System ›› Configuration : Device : SMTP) and do you know if it works ?

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      i have check access report but didnt find the variable,  how to check log for relevant variable ?

      if i used tcp dump should we decrypt client ssl side only or server to ? because we have client and servire ssl certificate

      we didnt configure smtp rely, this active directory on existing we just add new attribut contain email address and when otp will send to new email not existing email  


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      function send_email (req, res) {
      var transporter = nodemailer.createTransport ({
      host: 'xx.xx.xx.xx',
      port: 25,
      secure: false,
      tls: {
      rejectUnauthorized: false
      var mailOptions = {
      from: '',
      to: req.params()[2],
      subject: 'User VPN '+ req.params()[0],
      html: "Kode OTP : "+ req.params()[1] + "<br />dont share.<br /><br />Email user: "+ req.params()[2]+"<br />Phone: "+req.params()[3]+"<br/>Department: "+req.params()[4]


      here is irule access policy agent event (on vpe attribute name is mail)

      ACCESS::session data get