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May 11, 2022

Access policy sync error


I have two F5 that have manual policy sync between them for APM policy.

When I try to do policy sync for specific policy its failed and I get this error:

01b70070:3: local_path (/tmp/psync_local_file) starts with invalid directory. Valid directories are /var/config/rest/, /var/tmp/, /shared/tmp/

I work with version

Is anyone know this issue?

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  • I have had some sync issues with APM before.
    We ended up with f5 support and them managing a clean sync and reset.
    But from memory my first main issue was that the drive was full, or two full for the temp files.

    Have you checked running df -h on the command line and just double check?


  • This is a new bug that I came across after upgrading from -> I have been informed by F5 support that it affects people upgrading to and there is no work around as of yet. Bug ID is 1076493 although I do not see it on the bugtracker page.

    Be sure to open a support ticket so that F5 knows it is a high priority issue to resolve.

  • We just upgraded from 15.1.5 to and policy sync is no longer working. We receive similar error messages. Will open a case now.

  • There is an available EHF that addresses the policy sync error with Works fine for me. I am sure there is an EHF for v15 as well.