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Check it out, folks, hot off the internal F5 presses, as it were.  I just got the inside tip from one of F5’s finest that there’s a doc floating around (an excel spreadsheet to be exact) that gives a list of all of the metrics that you can alert on, respond to or otherwise fiddle with in Enterprise Manager, F5’s awesome management tool.  That’s fine and all, but what makes this really neat is that it’s an exhaustive list. By exhaustive I mean that it’s a list of all 150+ (yes, one hundred fifty…let your geek beanies twirl, baby) metrics that you can get your hands on from a central management point.  Power like that is something fun to play with indeed.

Anyway, I managed to get my hands on a copy of the file so I of course wanted to share with the community.  Here’s the little sales blurb that came along with said list and the link to the file is below. Enjoy!

Many customers don’t realize just how powerful F5’s centralized management appliance is. Did you know that Enterprise Manager has a wealth of alerts and thresholding capabilities?  You can set alerts to respond to over 160 metrics and notify you via email.  Here’s a list of all the metrics you can set in Enterprise Manager.

And now the file -



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