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I've put together two short videos to show you the basics of BIG-IQ Cloud 4.4, which was released in September, 2014. While they do not show of all of the features of BIG-IQ Cloud 4.4, they give you a good taste of what it's like.

There are two views for BIG-IQ Cloud:

  1. Administrator View: The BIG-IQ Cloud Administrator sets up an environment to enable tenants to easily self-deploy application configurations to the BIG-IQ. Administrators create the connectors (which give access to BIG-IPs and virtual machines in a given cloud environment) as well as application templates to make it easy to deploy applications.
  2. Tenant View: A BIG-IQ Cloud Tenant uses the environment set up by the Cloud Administrator to self-deploy application configurations. They do not create connectors, templates, or BIG-IP VEs, but they use the ones that were set up by the Cloud Administrator. In fact, they don't even see BIG-IPs: they only see the connectors, and BIG-IQ selects the right BIG-IP to configure.

Video 1: The Administrator View

Here is a detailed walk-through of the BIG-IQ Cloud Administrator view. Note the connectors, devices (BIG-IPs) and application templates, which are all set up by the administrator.

Video 2: The Tenant View

Here is a detailed walk-through of the BIG-IQ Cloud Tenant view. Note that the tenant focuses on the applications they deploy, and they use the connectors, devices, and application templates that were set up by the Cloud Administrator.


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