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Status: Delivered

Removing Codeshare will confuse the community base. My suggestions are as follows...

  1. Rename CrowdSRC to Codeshare.
  2. Instead of having User Submitted Articles under there as well, move them to Articles under a new TAB at the top of the page called "User Submitted" and have article search search them both.


In this case, I think no one will be happy with the selected option, so, from my perspective, a democratic approach is not going to work here. Just let it like it's now.

Code contributions in its own section still makes more sense to me. I don't care about the name but being able to browse code contributions without mixing it with articles would make sense. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Dario_Garrido and @Patrik_Jonsson - thanks for your further thoughts. 

This has been a subject of discussion internally since launch and we are finally getting nearing an adjustment to take into consideration what Patrik, and a few others, mention here (and internally). When I have a Proof of Concept I'll touch base with anyone who has commented here for critical, but still non-democratic 😂 feedback. 


Status changed to: Accepted
Community Manager
Community Manager

Marking as Accepted / In Work.


Gosh no reactions on posts?? Lief... posting this as a new item

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

Codeshare is back - you'll find it under CrowdSRC at the top of the page.
I'll put up a more detailed intro in DevCentral News later today.

Thanks much to contributors here, and others elsewhere.


Community Manager
Community Manager