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Status: Delivered

It would be nice if the logon to the community site would persist for a longer period of time or allow us to have a checkbox to "trust" the PC for a period of time. I find that I have to login again every other day or so.


Oh yes, please.

Status changed to: Investigating
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the suggestion.
The login thing is a long-term subject of conversation. In addition to trying to resolve an intermittent bug (the worst kind) I have a request outstanding between my SSO provider and the platform host for how to enable longer authorization times. I'll keep working on it and get back to you here.

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

@JoshBecigneul & @Daniel_Wolf 

Thanks for the suggestion. This was on my radar but I elevated based on your request.
Not quite the same as 'trusted' or 'self-selection of trusted' status but instead we drove towards 'active' status as a first go.
Meaning, our most active users should, effectively, only need to re-auth once a week. This is a first attempt to see if it makes a material difference in your experience. Do let me know. 

Setting this specific Suggestion to Delivered for now - but leaving comments open. I can always re-open it...or if new conditions change the request we can open a new one. Let me know.

Thanks much!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@JoshBecigneul @Daniel_Wolf 
Has this change made a material difference for you?
Been a couple months; curious if you notice better/worse/same?

@LiefZimmerman a small difference. I think when I am more active it is roughly once per week, currently I would say once every 2-3 days.