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Status: Declined

Suggest you add the following label "Community" and possibly "Forum"

Status changed to: Needs Info
Community Manager
Community Manager

This is, oddly, a pretty big request - lots of impacts.

Labels have, to date, been *macro* meta-data around the functional technical area of a post.
Designed to help people working on, for example, Security or Cloud to have macro-filters - also to help us understand the big picture of what people are most interested in.

Forum - is a virtual location, in the community, which we can already grok from *where a question is located* and I can't think of how that would help someone finding content down the road?

Community - is very broad and again, not clear to me what purpose this label serves?

Perhaps you are talking about adding those labels to just the Suggestions section?
When you have a moment - please elaborate.


All good, figured out how to do it myself

Status changed to: Declined
Community Manager
Community Manager

FWIW - there are changes coming in 6-12 months to the way Labels and Tags work. I don't yet fully understand how that will affect your individual workflow but so far, all I can say is they will be one item - still called tags.

I'll be working hard to find a good balance between how you create/add them vs how you find/read/consume them. Since our community conversations happen *mostly* in one big forum, this metadata is a critical aspect of discoverability and usability.

More to come - but not on this suggestion proper. 😄

Thanks Kevin.