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F5 Distributed Cloud HTTP Load balancer

I am trying to use F5 Distributed Cloud HTTP load balancer to select specific origin  pool based on url hostname. Can you suggest how can I do it.On BIGIP-LIM we use irule and data group to accomplish that as we use multiple url behind same VIP. Than...

New Articles and Videos published in DevCentral this week

Here are links to the F5 XC articals and videos that were published this week in DevCentral DISTRIBUTED CLOUD F5 Distributed Cloud – Introducing Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management by Cameron DelanoProtect your Mobile Applications with F5 Distr...

DinaS by F5 Employee
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July User Group Meeting Links - News and Events

NEWS •F5 Labs: F5 Application Protection Report: DDoS Trends •NGINX BLOG: Guide to choosing a Kubernetes Ingress Controller

A Tenant with a Single Owner - Deletion of Owner User

Whether its an individual/free tenant or an org tenant, what if the tenant has a single owner and if one needs to delete that user? will others lose access to that tenant or someone else with regular admins access can promote themselves to tenant own...

VamshiKG by F5 Employee
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Does Deleting a Namespace Deletes Everything Under It?

I have a namespace in XC tenant and I have deployed a couple of services there and setup ingress load balancers to advertise services, enabled service mesh, API learning, etc. I am now wondering if I delete the namespace, will all configuration objec...

VamshiKG by F5 Employee
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F5 Distributed Cloud Services Simulator

You can explore F5 Distributed Cloud Services via the F5 interactive demo in the F5 Simulator. These interactive demos put you in the driver’s seat via a simulated GUI and command line interfaces. The F5XC simulators that at are currently available ...

DinaS by F5 Employee
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Acronyms, are used all the time and the author /presentor is usually convinced that everyone in the audience understands what they mean, but every once in a while you hear or read something that you are not sure of the meaning. We are all professiona...

DinaS by F5 Employee
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Welcome to the F5 XC Community User Group

Welcome to our new virtual community group within the F5 DevCentral.  We want to build great products for you and you great solutions for your users.  We cannot do that without discussion and partnership.  We cannot do that unless we do it together. ...

DinaS by F5 Employee
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Enable Bot Defense profile in irule

Hi, I wanna change my current bot defense profile in a specific condition(like during DDOS attack) via iRule. I don't want to use LTM policy. Do you have any idea?

Firat_Y by Nimbostratus
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