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Community Manager
Community Manager

@AubreyKingF5 and @buulam spent last week at RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco connecting with security professionals and colleagues. And, of course, they filmed a lot of those talks to share with the community. 

Buu connected with Tanya Janca at B-Sides San Francisco, Jason Haddix (BuddoBot), and Joel Violette (IBM) who shares his thoughts on ChatGPT (AI was a hot topic this year across the board).

Aubrey shared his RSA Keynote takeaways, interviewed Alyssa Miller before her panel on CISO challenges, and connected with a ton of other organizations across the expo room floor. 

Also making an appearance: @Scheff@Kyle_Roberts, and @Cameron_Delano who all shared insights from their conversations at the F5 booth. 

Check out the full playlist of RSA 2023 content here!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Scheff is going to be joining us (with a few other special guests) for trivia tomorrow! 

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