What Ingredients Make A Leading Signaling Delivery Controller and Diameter Router?

Prospective customers often ask, “What makes the F5 Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller the market leading Diameter solution, and the top Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)?”

We put our heads together and here’s why we can proudly say that F5's Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller (SDC) is the market’s first and most mature Diameter routing solution, available since early 2009. Here are some more value added benefits of the Traffix SDC.

The market’s most deployed Diameter routing solution with close to 30 live deployments at top carriers.

The market’s only full Diameter routing solution combining DRA, DEA and IWF functionality on one platform that goes far beyond the industry standards’ requirements.

Offers far more connectivity functions between Diameter to Diameter, and an IWF between Diameter to SS7.

Has unbeaten performance and value/cost ratio – 3 times more than the closest competitor.

Is the only Diameter solution that supports over 50 Diameter interfaces 

The only market solution supporting Active/Active configuration.

Is unmatched in supporting highly scalable and redundant configurations.

Offers the wide look into the network control plane, providing performance statistics and troubleshooting options.

Includes a full Diameter testing and simulation suite.

Demonstrated unbeaten commitment to our customers for the best support, flexibility and satisfaction.

Convinced? If not, tell us why in the comments below and let’s continue the conversation.

Published Nov 05, 2011
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