Welcome to F5 Agility 2014 in Copenhagen

Today marks the start of our EMEA Agility conference in Copenhagen – our annual customer and partner event. A great opportunity to meet with likeminded industry experts, the event also offers a chance to assess the market, our challenges and how we can improve what we do to deliver the services our customers need.

It’s safe to say that our industry is continuing to move at significant pace. Today, the industry is thinking about mobility, about new security threats, about Everything As A Service. It’s thinking about cloud and about hybrid model of deploying applications. It’s thinking about SDN, a new way to design, build and operate enterprise networks. And above all, the commonality in these trends is applications, and how to deliver them.

This year, Agility EMEA 2014 will take a detailed look at maximising ROI for applications within existing infrastructure, negating the risks associated with transitioning to cloud-based service delivery and enhancing application protection in an evolving threat landscape. Specifically, I’d like to draw your attention to what the F5 Executive team have to say about our Synthesis and Software Defined Application Services Architecture, and how that relates to cloud and SDN.

And if that’s not enough, here are my top five tips to look out for during the first day of Agility EMEA 2014:

  1. Check out the tweetwalls around the venue and get in touch @F5NetworksEMEA to see what’s being talked about at the event using #F5Agility2014. And don’t forget to get involved - the attendee that posts the image which best captures spirit and story of Agility 2014 will win a GoPro Hero 3 Plus camera!
  2. One of the main aspects of Agility, besides the key notes and breakouts, is the Solutions Expo. I encourage you spend time checking out the latest technological developments with our team and partners during the day.
  3. At Agility, you will see many of our technical team in F5 Genius shirts. If you have questions on what F5 can do for Service Providers, or DNS… Security, Cloud, Performance, Acceleration or any other aspect of the platform, these are the people to grab – technical specialists in these areas who can dive as deep as you want to. They can also show you live demos in the Genius Zone area of the Expo.
  4. The event is a great opportunity to find out more about F5’s recent acquisitions, like Versafe, for protection against emerging web threats, and Defense.Net, which offers DDoS Mitigation-As-A-Service. Ask any of our team for more details.
  5. And of course, join us at 1.15pm today for the keynote address from our President and CEO John McAdam - where the event kicks off.
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Published Jun 17, 2014
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