The Healthcare Mandate: TAP Healthcare Update Week of November 21 2012

Now that the agonizing electoral process has ended and I can get back to watching weather updates from Al Kaprelian on the television without being bombarded by negative political advertisements (look him up, the guy is a hoot). As for me personally I am more fearful about the future of the NHL than the future of the republic.  

We can now turn to the nuts and bolts reality of healthcare reform and its impact on healthcare IT organizations and the specific mandates that are needed to ensure compliance with the ACA. Hospitals and healthcare organizations are rushing to deploy large scale Electronic Health Records systems and are seeking ways to more effectively enable their doctors and clinical staff to securely access patient information via any device or location.   Healthcare records exchange among and between organizations is also essential to ensuring that patient histories can be reliably tracked and updated between healthcare organizations. 

This presents several difficult challenges to IT departments within a healthcare organization.  First there are large scale deployments that have to meet specific federal guidelines for both security but also allow the exchange of confidential information in a secure manner. Compliance with these mandates has specific incentives tied to these projects as well as deadlines to ensure compliance.  Over the coming months we will be introducing solutions with our TAP partners to provide persistent and secure virtual desktop access (similar to the solution crafted by the VMware team), solutions to securely enable organizations to exchange patient records and solutions to allow patients securely access their medical information online.  If you are in a healthcare IT organization and feel that there is a specific F5\EHR solution that would benefit your organization please feel free to contact me. 


Published Nov 26, 2012
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