The Best Day to Blog Experiment - Day 1

Welcome to Monday, typically the day most workers dread but with that extra hour of sleep yesterday, you’re amazingly refreshed aren’t you?  I don’t mind the ‘practice Sunday’ for the spring forward event but wonder with the fall back, what if you waited and changed the clocks on Sunday eve – how early everyone would be for work!  But I digress.  Also, Welcome to The Best Day to Blog Experiment; you are now a participant.  I toyed with The Great Blog Experiment, but ‘great’ might be stretching it.  Nevertheless - I do hope to get some decent data to report back next week.  I’ve read various stories about when is the best time and day to get the most readership exposure from a blog post.  Now of course, content plays a big role in what readers are interested in but, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve found that something I think is awesome, sometimes doesn’t always translate to a huge pick up in the blogosphere.  So I figured I’d do my own little brief, non-scientific experiment to see.  I’m curious that way.  I’ll probably just use Google Analytics to track trends.  The idea is to blog everyday this week and track the results.  I normally only blog once or twice a week so this will be interesting – not like Mrs. MacVittie who can crank out 9 or 10.  You go Lori!  Maybe I’ll ask her to compare data when this is done since she does have a wide readership.  We participate in a lot of social media activities here at F5 and like most SM conscious companies, we analyze our content and look to ways for increasing our reach.

Statistically speaking, Monday is not a bad day to post a blog.  I would have thought that Monday might be challenging to get an audience since folks are focusing on the work week, catching up on things that got left behind the previous week and going through email.  It might also be a time when people are looking for stories or solutions to the things they need to complete that week.  You might also be checking your favorite blogger, one that you read often or subscribe to since it is part of your weekly reading anyway.  As far as times, some feel that after lunch (Pacific Zone) is one of the best times to post.  It’s toward the end of the day out East and maybe those West-coasters need some reading dessert before cranking out the afternoon.  The other thing about Monday is depending on your worldwide audience, Monday might be their 2nd day of work for that week since some countries start the work week on Sunday.

Well, that’s about it for Day 1 and I’m really not sure yet what I’ll write tomorrow, except that I was thinking of including the best songs about the particular post day – yeah, maybe that’ll generate traffic.  So, here are the top 10 songs about Monday according to The Y! Radish, who also says that the average person will experience 4040 Mondays in their life.


Published Nov 08, 2010
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