TAP Update Week of October 5th 2012

This week I would like to welcome our newest TAP partner Virtual Bridges.  Virtual Bridges is the 3rd largest VDI product on the market today and is resold via IBM. The Virtual Bridges Verde product enables both offline as well as online desktop functionality and has compelling functionality for both data center VDI deployments as well as the branch office. The F5 BIG-IP LTM can dynamically pool and route traffic across the Cluster Servers in a Verde deployment and BIG-IP EDGE gateway\APM can replace the Verde Gateway Servers in the DMZ to provide unified access throughout the corporate environment.  Extending this functionality out between multiple sites, our Global Traffic Management can use geolocation to dynamically route users to their desktop based upon their location.  An F5 and Virtual Bridges virtual desktop deployment can enable a user to securely and simply access their desktop by pointing to a single IP address and be directed transparently to their virtual desktop regardless of location.  A combined solution from F5 and Virtual Bridges will provide enterprises with a stable, secure and scalable VDI deployment.

We would like to welcome Virtual Bridges to our Technology Alliance Program!


Published Oct 05, 2012
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