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Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much, let me sum up.

I occasionally get in a snit about, well, just about anything related to technology. Sometimes I take my #snark as we call it on Twitter and put into a graphic form because it’s so much easier to represent sarcasm and #snark with a picture than it is to blow out a couple of thousand words on a topic. But these #snark laden inspirations often end up lost or not shared at all. Thus, I plan on sharing these "1024 Words” whenever the feeling strikes me. This is not necessarily something new for me. You may recall the IT Security Flowchart a few years back, among others. 

So like other “series” that pop up from time to time here on my blog – Data Center Feng Shui and WILS among others – expect “1024 Words” to join them.

And yes, I’m well aware the saying specifies 1000 words but ever since hard drive manufacturers decided to equate a KB to 1000 because 1024 was too complex for the consumer market I’ve been expressing my “geek rage” by boycotting the number 1000. 

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Published Mar 24, 2011
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