Rejected DDoS Animated Whiteboard Script: Teela confronts Skeletor

This script was for an animated whiteboard series about the benefits of a hybrid DDoS mitigation solution, but what came out of my head was this little gem. The script was reluctantly rejected but it’s still the best thing I’ve written all year.

Note: I am totally not posting this to make my blog quota for the year. Also I did not draw the illustration, but I colored it all by myself.

Teela dropped the small talk and got serious. “I don’t understand what happened with us.”

Skeletor said nothing.

“We always have fun together, and I wasn’t pushing for a ring.”

Skeletor still said nothing. His expression was so hard to read.

“It’s just that… you know… I’m not getting any younger. People are starting to get on me. ‘So when are you going to settle down?’ I swear if my mom says that one more time I’m going freak out.” Teela’s brow knitted tightly, and she looked down and closed her hands into fists at her side.

Skeletor slouched and raised his chin a bit. Teela couldn’t read his expression.

She continued. “He-Man makes the whole thing worse. The way he flaunts his bastards around the village. Every wench in town has one, it seems….” She trailed off.

Skeletor’s jaw opened and stayed open.

“Wait. Have you been asleep this whole time? You a**hole!!!!” She shoved him.

Published Apr 01, 2016
Version 1.0

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