PME does what?

Here are a few more details regarding what the heck a PME team does.

First up are solutions. F5 was first in the industry to offer our customers deployment guidance for mission critical applications based on vendor best practices, and we have continued to do so for nearly a decade. Yours truly was the engineer for the very first two deployment guides written by the team, both were firewall load balancing certification solutions. Now, PME builds and maintains an ecosystem of over fifty common applications that we architect F5 solutions with, ensuring the highest level of availability, security and acceleration. This solution is then delivered to our customers via iapp templates which allow them to optimize the network for the best application experience in a matter of minutes.

Next is our International Technology Centers. In just two weeks from now we open our new EMEA ITC in the heart of London adding to our North America ITC we opened nearly 5 years ago in Seattle! F5’s ITCs are world-class competency centers where IT Executives and Architects can learn best practices, evaluate, and apply F5 application and storage delivery solutions toward solving their most pressing business and technological challenges. We develop a lot of PoCs, demonstrations and performance testing as well as workshops and customer events.

And last but certainly not least is our new technology research focus. These guys are F5’s ninja equivalent. (And not just because they like wearing black and live in the dark. Ok, that is a gross exaggeration, that only describes half the team.) It’s because they are fast, exacting and smart as hell. Mostly, they focus on solving customer problems three to five years in the future. If you are ever in the mood to have a lively debate (for hours) on some exciting new technology, seek them out.

Now that we are done with formalities, lets get on to the technology………..

Published Sep 20, 2011
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