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#BBWF Yesterday was the opening day of the Broadband World Forum 2012 show and it has been an exciting time so far. There are a lot of displays talking about solutions and providing more than a point solution or a piece of hardware. At F5, we pride ourselves on delivering full multi-service solutions to solve current challenges. Today, I want to highlight our solutions and technology partners that are also present at the show.

We have our expert solution architects discussing F5 architectures and solutions with show attendees.  They explain how we are able to provide integrated solutions that help them intelligently manage the data on their network and create beneficial solutions to optimize, secure and monetize their network infrastructures.

The F5 products fit in many locations in the carrier service provider (CSP) network performing numerous tasks to deliver a complete solution for intelligent traffic management. F5 solutions can perform advanced load balancing, traffic steering to value added services (VAS), Diameter and signaling messaging management, carrier grade NAT (CGNAT), TCP optimization, DNS availability, DDoS protection, high speed firewall and many other services.


I had the opportunity to walk around and visit several of F5’s technology partners who are also exhibiting at this event. Tail-F Systems (left image), came by our booth to show us their ‘software solution for provisioning services and configuring network devices’. They can manage multiple devices in a multi-vendor scenario. 

Next to us is Alcatel-Lucent (center image) in a large booth that has a café theme to it. The topic of their exhibit is ‘At the Speed of Ideas’. Collaboration is necessary in today’s mixed environment with scenarios like over-the-top (OTT) providers who deliver content over the CSP networks and developing solutions that help everyone optimize the user experience while maintaining the cost structure to support these next generation networks.

Ericsson (right image) is here promoting their 4G IP networks solution. Their vision for 4th generation networks, not to be confused with 4G wireless technology, is for them to be smart, simple, scalable and give superior performance. This is a common theme at the show. There is a strong need for the CSP infrastructure to be more flexible and dynamic in today’s network environment. Data usage, especially in the mobile networks is growing exponentially. The number of Diameter and SIP signaling messages that are seen to manage mobile data and voice connectivity is exploding. The need to manage this growth and develop an infrastructure that can handle the traffic patterns while maintaining the quality of the customer experience is a tough challenge in today’s evolving environment.

This is an exciting time to be involved in the telecommunications community. There is a lot of talk about the new technologies and even more discussions around how to deliver the promised customer experience with them. It is great when it is possible to get the brightest and most influential minds in the industry together in one location to collaborate and find solutions to today and tomorrow’s challenges.

Published Oct 17, 2012
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