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F5 was first in the industry to offer our customers deployment guidance for mission critical applications based on vendor best practices, and we have continued to do so for nearly a decade. To complement our iApp templates, we have been busy updating these deployment guides to provide users with more detailed solution information to help them succeed in planning, troubleshooting and deploying their applications.

The first change is the addition of traffic flow diagrams. Below is an example from our SharePoint 2010 guide that illustrates a step by step end-user transaction. This information is not only helpful to put the solution into context; it also provides valuable information to administrators for provisioning other networking services and troubleshooting.

The next change to our guides is the inclusion of a preparation worksheet. The worksheet outlines application information, unique to each environment that is required to complete the iApp template. These allow the administrator to more easily plan and gather needed information from other groups prior to configuration, resulting in faster deployment.

Configuration checkpoints and troubleshooting steps have also been added for more complicated deployments. With these, we instruct the administrator to validate their configuration at critical points to ensure they have been successful and provide troubleshooting steps to resolve common errors.

And finally we have added a Next Steps section to our guides that remind the administrator of details outside their ADC configuration that may be necessary to complete their installation.

Published Oct 10, 2011
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