Network Detox


January is synonymous with resolutions and detoxification. We resolve to live healthier: physically, gym membership season is open, and mentally, a promise to oneself to read more books or learn a new skill. Many give up carbohydrates, alcohol, slothful behaviour and the like. But how many bring this attitude to the work place?

I like to think of the new calendar year as a time to question process and procedure. This coming largely from my fear of being judged as no more capable than one of Pavlov's hounds, mindlessly following learned behaviour, but also from my fondness of a fresh start. A change is as good as a holiday.

So who out there is questioning the habits of old? It was this attitude that brought us consolidation through virtualisation and shared infrastructure, throwing out the dated silo'd approach. Who out there is convinced that network innovation has peaked and reached its end? I, for one, firmly believe that we are at a beginning and I hope to see 2013 be the year we shed the mundane and antiquated architectures of the nineties that plague so many of today's data centre's.

Published Jan 07, 2013
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