F5 Labs 2018 Phishing & Fraud Report

The F5 Labs 2018 Phishing & Fraud Report is out!

In this report, the F5 Labs team specifically investigated the rise of phishing and fraud during the 'holiday shopping season,' beginning in October and continuing through January. Fraud and phishing attempts increase 50% right now, from October to January and phishing was the root cause of 48% of the data breaches that F5Labs investigated. It's important to check out the report because it explains how phishing works, how to defend yourself against phishing attacks and the importance of training employees to recognize malicious emails.

Some of the crazy stats they found include 93% of phishing domains offered a secure (https) version of the site to appear more legitimate and 68% of malware sites used encryption certificates (https), meaning 68% of Command & Control servers use port 443. The crooks are going through the trouble of getting SSL certificates for their fake, but real looking sites.

Take a look at some of these. Do any of these web logins look familiar?

How about this one?

Or maybe this one?

If so then you need to check out the 2018 Phishing and Fraud report from F5 Labs because they were all fake. Attackers are getting so good at creating fake websites that impersonate the real thing, most people can’t tell the difference. One thing is for certain, employee click-through rates on phishing emails drop from 33% to 13% with security awareness training:

  • 33% — 1-5 training events
  • 28% — 6-10 training events
  • 13% — 11 or more training events

You can check out the Preview Video here and get your report at https://www.f5.com/labs


Published Dec 20, 2018
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