F5 Agility Singapore 2015


Every year, our Agility conferences travel the world to showcase how F5 and partners empower organizations to harness the latest technologies to overcome business challenges. The flagship series also serve as a forum for industry experts to network and discuss disruptive IT trends.

This year, Agility 2015 in Singapore focused on how businesses can innovate new paths to success, expand through barriers to growth, and deliver the applications that are critical in today’s mobile driven world. The power of cloud, data centers, hybrid systems, and as-a-Service were key topics that dominated conversations, with F5 executives and partners sharing perspectives on IT approaches to achieve application availability, security, programmability, and software defined networking (SDN) for 2015 and beyond

Fuelling the conversation as well was the recent release of the New Language of Cloud Computing whitepaper from F5 and Frost & Sullivan, based on findings from a survey of decision-makers in Asia Pacific. Key insights included the fact that 58.6% of organization decision-makers identify cloud computing as their #1 priority in the next 12 months, and 91% of enterprises either already use cloud services or are currently in the planning or implementing stage.

Held in Singapore at the Ritz-Carlton on 5 May, Agility Singapore 2015 saw a great turnout of attendees which consisted of C-suite decision makers, executives from senior IT management and industry experts.

Published May 27, 2015
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