F5’s International Technology Centre is a commitment to Europe

The financial crisis of the European Union is all over the news at the moment.  It's about economic cooperation and the search for European identity, a European sense of community that unites people even in uncertain times. At F5, we subscribe to the view that sees Europe as a community and not as a loose confederation of states with no common values.

Our success this year ( "Billion Dollar Company") was built in part on the shoulders of Europe. We therefore see the opening of our International Technology Centre (ITC) in London as a physical representation of our commitment to the European market.

The ITC is a first for F5 and for F5’s part of the IT market.  We offer to our customers and partners the opportunity to expand our solutions and products through live demonstrations, building on the success of a similar centre in F5’s home city of Seattle.  We aim to offer consultancy and practical experimentation to the highest degree.

The need for the ITC is built on certain trends.  Mobile device proliferation is putting unprecedented demands on applications. They require advanced acceleration, scale, and availability, while necessitating new approaches for access and security.  The ITC is staffed by permanent solution engineers, offering advanced live product and solution demonstrations, architectural discussions, planning, and design, as well as full proof-of-concept implementations.

The EMEA ITC comprises a state-of-the-art data centre, test environments, an extensive application library of over 400 enterprise applications, an executive briefing centre, workroom, and lab facilities and an immersive telepresence room for high quality video conferencing. There is no cost to customers and partners for the use of the centre’s services.

The ITC features the ability to demonstrate F5 integration and interoperability with partner applications and technologies from vendors such as::

  • VMware
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • SAP

The ITC is on the 3rd Floor, 30 Old Broad Street in central London, close to the UK’s celebrated "Silicon Roundabout" and easily accessible from all London airports.

I cordially invite you and look forward to seeing you at the ITC in London!

Published Dec 15, 2011
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