Enterproid and F5 Partnership

The Mobile Application Management space is exploding with many new entrants and a high degree of interest from both investors as well as enterprise customers.  The reason for this is a very simple problem.  Employees would like to use their cell phones, tablets and other personal devices to perform work while not in the office. The benefit to the employee is better job satisfaction and the ability to get tasks completed in a timely manner, the benefit to companies is a more productive workforce able to complete work tasks remotely rather than sitting in traffic waiting to get into the office. 

The challenges to enterprise IT departments are also pretty significant, while employees are eager to use personal devices to access work applications, they would like to maintain their personal applications and data.  Similarly, IT departments want to deliver these applications but want to ensure these applications are secure, and that issues like data loss prevention are addressed. Typically MAM vendors have provided security by wrapping or securely delivering individual applications.  Enterproid has a different approach to this problem in that they have created a secure container for enterprise applications. This dual persona approach has garnered a lot of excitement at several large customers and is one of the unique new approaches to enabling broad adoption of BYOD going forward. Our partnership landing page and solution overview are up and can be found here. Please take a look at the materials and feel free to connect with any questions. 

Published May 30, 2013
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