Connecting Windows Live Writer to Your DevCentral Blog

Although you will be submitting your blog articles via DevCentral the client that you will most likely use to compose the posts is a third party App called Live Writer. Live Writer is a part of the Windows Live bundle from Microsoft and offers a pretty clean and easy way to publish, edit and compose drafts of your blog posts on a PC.

A Note for Mac Users: At this time, only Window Live Writer is supported for publishing to DevCentral.  Therefore we recommend using a Windows machine or VM installed on your Mac.

1. Download & Install Windows Live Writer

You can download Windows Live Writer from here:

Once you have download the file, please install it.

2. Configure Windows Live Writer for DevCentral

  • Open Windows Live Writer on your desktop PC.
  • Navigate to Blogs-> Add blog account


  • Select Other Service and click Next


  • Type in the address of your Blog and your DevCentral Username and password.

Optional: Check Remember my password 

  • Click Next




  • Select the blog you would like to connect to

Note: DevCentral will only display the blogs you have access to post in. If you don’t see the blog you want to use, please contact DevCental team

  • Click Next



  • The writer will now complete the configuration (including importing the template theme!)
  • Click Finish


3. Using Windows Live Writer for DevCentral Blogs

Now that you have it configured, you should be able to post new articles, retrieve existing articles (and update them). You won't even need to visit the site!

Published Dec 09, 2012
Version 1.0

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