BIG-IQ 4.5: Enhancing Team Collaboration with Fine-Grained RBAC

In my last blog, I reviewed what’s new in BIG-IQ 4.5.  Today I’d like to take a closer look at at the new ADC module of BIG-IQ – particularly how it enhances collaboration between the networking and applications teams through a feature we call, “fine-grained role-based access control (RBAC)”.

Today’s IT organizations are composed of various teams – including the networking team who are responsible for planning and managing the network and the application teams who build and maintain the hundreds of applications enterprises rely on.  The DevOps movement has highlighted the need to empower Application teams to own all aspects of their applications – including reliability, performance and security.  Todays’ Applications teams rely on the Network teams to manage the ADCs that deliver those functions. 

BIG-IQ provides a “self-service” portal where Application teams can manage basic load balancing functions such as control over Nodes and Pools.  In BIG-IQ 4.5, all objects which can be accessed by multiple teams will have a “permissions” tab which can be updated by the admin with user groups information and the associated privileges. Once roles and permissions are set up, users who are part of the groups can then access and perform the authorized actions.

Here is a short video that reviews the feature and shows you how it is done.

Sorry about the link to Youtube – but I’m having trouble embedding my video here . .  ..

Published Jan 30, 2015
Version 1.0

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