Agility sessions announced

Good news, everyone!

This year's virtual Agility will have over 100 sessions for you to choose from, aligned to 3 pillars. There will be

  • Breakouts (pre-recorded 25 minutes, unlimited audience)
  • Discussion Forums (live content up to 45 minutes, interactive for up to 75 attendees)
  • Quick Hits (pre-recorded 10 minutes, unlimited audience)

So, what kind of content are we talking about?

If you'd like to learn more about how to Simplify Delivery of Legacy Apps, you might be interested in

  • Making Sense of Zero Trust: what’s required today and what we’ll need for the future (Discussion Forum)
  • Are you ready for a service mesh? (breakout)
  • BIG-IP APM + Microsoft Azure Active Directory for stronger cybersecurity defense (Quick Hits)

If you'd like to learn more about how to Secure Digital Experiences, you might be interested in

  • The State of Application Strategy 2022: A Sneak Peak (Discussion Forum)
  • Security Stack Change at the Speed of Business (Breakout)
  • Deploy App Protect based WAF Solution to AWS in minutes (Quick Hits)

If you'd like to learn more about how to Enable Modern App Delivery at Scale, you might be interested in

  • Proactively Understanding Your Application's Vulnerabilities (Discussion Forum
  • Is That Project Ready for you? Open Source Maturity Models (Breakout)
  • How to balance privacy and security handling DNS over HTTPS (Quick Hits)

The DevCentral team will be hosting livestreams, and the DevCentral lounge where we can hang out, connect, and you can interact directly with session presenters and other technical SMEs.

Please go to to see the comprehensive list, and check back with us for more information as we get closer to the conference.

Updated Jan 31, 2022
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