A smarter internet could hit your pockets

We often talk about context, the differentiation of device, location, performance & application, and how important this is to application delivery. Context is important, largely because different devices consume information in different ways based on the intricacies of specific devices and fluctuating connectivity conditions at a given time. Hence, we must treat each device differently in order to serve up applications and data optimally.

But then I read this on Reuters: "Mac users guided to pricier hotels...". It generated some amusing comments on slashdot but jokes aside, should this be allowed?

The Net Neutrality debate was, largely, targeted at the Service Providers and whether they should be allowed to intervene in and profit from how we consume content. Often ignored is the debate from the perspective of the content owners themselves? Should they be allowed to discriminate?

Anyone who's done a bit of travelling will be aware of 'locals' rates versus tourist prices. And I see the importance of looking after your local business in comparison to someone who is unlikely to vacation in the same place twice. But, for some reason, pushing up hire prices because of the device I'm using doesn't seem right.

Published Jul 17, 2012
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