A Little Introduction

Hi everyone...my name is John Wagnon and I just joined the F5 Networks DevCentral team!  I'm super excited to be a part of this team of professionals who have such great talent and enthusiasm for all things technical.  Prior to joining F5, I spent time in the US Air Force as a Communications Officer and then worked for a consulting firm as a cyber threat analyst.  I've always enjoyed technical stuff, so I'm glad I can get my hands dirty with some of the great technology F5 has to offer. 

Speaking of technical stuff...it works for more than just math problems and software development!  I wanted to share a little bit of my math and science magic from yesteryear.  It wasn't even fair when I slipped my digits to some ladies in college back in the day...here's how it went down:

Fellas, it works every time!! 


So, more about my job at F5...I'll be spending my early days on the DevCentral team as the Young Grasshopper under the tutelage of Master Jason Rahm...aka "iRules Ninja".  I look forward to rockin' out some best security practices with the iRule Editor...what!?!?


I also enjoy playing just about any kind of sport you can think of.  I love a good game of basketball, softball, or racquetball, but I enjoy running and swimming as well.  And, while some may not consider it a true sport, I also love to play golf...one day I can tell you all about some of the "ATV golf cart" rounds I've played...they were epic.


Until next time, I look forward to seeing all of you out there on the DevCentral circuit...look me up!



Published Apr 23, 2013
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